Eduard Heijmans

about Eduard Heijmans

Biography of Eduard Heijmans

Born 14. Juli 1912 in Utrecht

He went to the Kennemer Lyceum in Bloemendaal, Holland

1929-1934(?) He was educated in wood technology in Germany

In 1934 he went to Israel, he helped there for two years to build up the Weizmanninstitutes in Rehovot in Israel

From 1935-1936 He was in Israel again

1937 He returns  to the Netherlands for a short time

1938-1939 He was in Argentina

1939 Returns to the Netherlands and worked there for a short time as an art dealer

During WW2 he was in the Secret Intelligent Service

He married his first wife Mauricia Bezier

1948 daughter Jacinta Heijmans was born

1948 He worked as an art dealer and starts to make mosaics

1956 He started to paint

1957 He had his first exibition

1958 He stopped his work as an art dealer and worked as an artist

Since 1947 he lived  in Rijnegomlaan 58 in Aerdenhout

Since 1967 after divorce from his first wife he lived in Amsterdam, on the 2e Leliedwarsstraat 17

1968  He married Nuray Atas

1969  His second daughter Emilia Heijmans was born  1969

1972  He died in Amsterdam on Nov 25, 1972

Artistic biography

1948- 1955/56(?) started to make mosaic

1956 started to paint landscapes, portrait, still lifes

1958 started to paint abstracts and relief painting

1959-1965 Material painting

1965-1969/70 he made oil paintings on rough canvas

Since 1970- 1972 started to make africain reliefs on old wood


Taken at his studio 'Atelier 17', 2e Leliedwarsstraat 17 (Amsterdam Jordaan)

eduard heijmans atelier eduard heijmans at work

eduard heijmans voor zijn atelier sitting out front of his studio

eduard heijmansinside his studio

pampa Argentinia (1970)

pampa Argentinia