Eduard Heijmans

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oneindige reeks

oneindige reeks

Title: oneindige reeks
Year: 1968
Period: figurative symbolism
Technique: oil painting
Material: oil color
Surface: oil on canvas
Size: 62x175 cm
In the N. Heijmans-Atas collection: Yes


"oneindige reeks"
Op de achterkant gesigneerd met "Atelier 17". Dit refereert aan het toenmalige verblijfsadres 2de Leliedwarsstraat 17 in de Jordaan in Amsterdam.

"infinite series"
Signed on the back with "Atelier 17" which refers to the residential address in Amsterdam: 2nd Leliedwarsstraat 17 (Jordaan) where this work was created.

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“oneindige reeks” (1968) from eduard heijmans